Core ScoreCore Score Computer Scan Burlington Ontario

How does it work?

CoreScore is a computer scan that combines the data from muscle and nerve scans into one easy-tounderstand report and creates a numerical score that can be used in care planning. CoreScore evaluates the stress in your body by analyzing spinal muscle balance, nerve flow to organs, pulse and skin resistance.


  • Measures spinal nerve control of organs and glands
  • Reveals how stress patterns change


  • Measures the tone of muscles along the entire spine
  • Reveals muscle injury and stress patterns

Heart Rate Variability:

  • Calculates heart rate, pulse, temperature and anxiety
  • Tracks stress levels and adaptability of your nervous system

Why is it done?

Core Score helps us build powerful and effective care plans.

  • Gives a numerical value to your levels of stress
  • Allows measurement of improvement with treatment
  • Sheds light on internal changes in the body
  • Establishes a baseline and helps identify potential problem areas