What Our Patients Have to Say

I suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. It got to the point that I was having two or more migraines every month. With regular visits to the chiropractor, my migraines have almost totally disappeared.
- Trisha B.

For a year I have been experiencing intense facial pain almost daily. After six weeks of chiropractic care the pain is far less intense and some days there is no pain at all.
- Pam C.

For around six to eight months I was in constant pain with a stiff, sore neck. The pain got steadily worse to the point that I could no longer turn my head to the left or right. After my first adjustment I was able to turn my head without as much pain as before, and with each adjustment I continued to improve. I'm just sorry that I waited so long to see a chiropractor.
- Karen A.

I have an overall sense of well-being which goes hand-in-hand with a complete confidence in Dr. Norman.
- Marion A.

For over a year I had lower back pain, ten weeks ago the stiffness and pain got so intense that I could not move. Since beginning chiropractic care I have no pain at all and I have full movement once again.
- John B.

I experienced frequent neck pain that was limiting my range of motion. Since I've begun chiropractic treatments I no longer have this problem and I feel that my general health has improved.
- Susan B.

I began chiropractic care after trying medication and physiotherapy to relieve recurring neck and shoulder pain that I had been dealing with for two years. Within four visits the shoulder pain and neck stiffness had disappeared and the range of motion in my neck was improving. As I continued with my visits I saw more and more improvement. Dr. Norman was the first doctor to x-ray my neck and explain my problems to me. I am an advocate for chiropractic care as a lifelong practice.
- Pam C.