What Our Patients Have to Say

"Following my surgery for a severe knee injury, I began physiotherapy treatments three times a week. I saw no significant improvement until I started my Cold Laser treatments. By the third or fourth treatment I noticed a substantial decrease in the level of pain and swelling, at the beginning of the third week of treatment I was able to climb 12 flights of stairs. The following week I was back on my elliptical. Many thanks for recommending the laser treatments - it made all the difference in my recovery."
- Catherine G.

My right knee had caused me an increasing amount of pain over the last three to four years. The pain was not constant but it caused me quite a bit of discomfort when walking. After only three Cold Laser treatments I began to notice a great deal of improvement. I am now able to walk much more freely and with significantly less pain.

- Sydney W.

I had a broken third metatarsal head in my left foot. I began Cold Laser Therapy almost immediately after I was injured and through three weekly treatments for six weeks I have noticed tremendous improvement, especially with my pain level. Consistency, however, is key, if even one session is missed there seems to be a break in the results. I feel that I will be able to return fully to work without any physiotherapy thanks to these treatments.
- Anne E.5stars